Introducing "Sacred Spaces": a special series of essays about faith

We are all children of the same god, mosaic mural interfaith at thanks giving square chapel in dallas, texas, usa

"We are all children of the same God" - Ann Romney

"We are all His people and the sheep of his flock. - Psalm 100

I am so excited to introduce a new occasional series of essays on Stained Glass Travel called "Sacred Spaces". These are essays written by myself, my younger brother, and the occasional guest poster who wants to share their religious experiences in sacred spaces around the world. The essays focus on various expressions of faith, experiencing spirituality, and learning more about world religion.

The essays are free-form, and do not follow any particular format. Instead, they are meant to be reflections and meditations on interfaith and ecumenical dialogue. After all, I truly believe that it is important to visit and learn from those houses of worship of faiths to which you might not belong. We can all learn something from one another about our distinct and unique ways of worshiping God.

While the typical Stained Glass Travel posts, which feature amazing, historical, and beautiful Christian churches from around the world will be published on Sundays, these special Sacred Spaces posts will not follow any set schedule. 

Sacred Spaces essays will feature stories and experiences from - as well as meditations and reflections on - visits and experiences to the houses of worship and holy places of all religions from around the world.

I hope you will enjoy them!


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