Pink Cathedral ("The Rooster Church"), Da Nang, Vietnam

Sacred Heart Cathedral, the "Pink Cathedral" in Da Nang, Vietnam

The world-famous Pink Cathedral in Da Nang, Vietnam

Recently, I was in Da Nang, the biggest city in central Vietnam. Da Nang is a coastal city. It's clean, modern, and a really cool place to spend some time. One of the big attractions that drew me to Da Nang was the famous pink cathedral of Da Nang.

Officially the cathedral is named Sacred Heart Cathedral of Da Nang, although almost nobody calls it that. To everyone, tourists and locals alike, the cathedral is affectionately nicknamed Con Ga, the "Rooster Church", due to its surprising and eye-catching color. The name is also in reference to the iconic rooster weather vane that sits at the very top of the cathedral's steeple.

the Pink Church in Da Nang, Vietnam

When I approached the cathedral, I was appropriately impressed. It certainly lives up to its nickname. Sacred Heart is painted a brilliant salmon pink. Unfortunately I never stopped by the cathedral at just the right time to be able to go inside. I did, however, have lots of time to explore the grounds surrounding the cathedral in order to see the unique building from all angles.

Da Nang Cathedral, Vietnam

The Diocese of Da Nang is a part of the Archdiocese of Hue, one of the three Roman Catholic archdiocese in Vietnam (the others being the Archdiocese of Hanoi and the Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City).

a statue of St. Peter at Da Nang Pink Cathedral

Don't be distracted by just the facade of the cathedral, though. You shouldn't miss the chance to walk around the grounds and gardens of the Pink Cathedral. You'll find statues of saints and a lovely and peaceful Marian grotto tucked away to the side of the cathedral.

Marian Grotto, Da Nang Cathedral, Vietnam

The Pink Cathedral was built by the French colonial government in 1932. It's conveniently located right in the middle of the city, and is impossible to overlook. It's one of the major tourist spots in Da Nang, and is heavily promoted by the city's board of tourism as a unique sight to see. In my opinion, this is for good reason! It really is a beautiful cathedral, and the soft pastel pink gives it a comfortable and tropical look. The cathedral seems warm, friendly, and inviting.

Pink Cathedral, Da Nang, Vietnam