Cross Mountain Park (Kreuzberg), Fredericksburg, Texas

Cross Mountain, Fredericksburg, Texas
Cross Mountain, Fredericksburg, Texas

Kreuzberg, or Cross Mountain

a historic Spanish monument in the Texas Hill Country

Cross Mountain, called "Keuzberg" by the German pioneers who settled the area, is a limestone hill rising 1,951 feet above the surrounding Fredericksburg, Texas area. In 1847, the German settlers found the remains of an old timber cross atop the hill, evidence that Spanish explorers had most likely passed this way years - or even centuries - before. Cross Mountain may not be a physical church building, but it is a sacred space where visitors can walk, pray, meditate, or just enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. It is a sort of natural shrine, if you will.

walking trails to Cross Mountain in Fredericksburg, Texas (old Spanish cross)
trails and views from Cross Mountain in Fredericksburg, Texas (Hill Country)

A new cross was built at the top of Cross Mountain by St. Mary's Church in Fredericksburg in 1946. Today, the top of the hill is used for the Easter Fire Festival and for Easter sunrise services by the local Catholic parish.

The climb up Cross Mountain, a Texas Hill Country limestone hill, isn't so much a hike as it is a walk. It's a leisurely-paced trail that winds its way up the hill, offering wonderful vistas of the surrounding Hill Country. It only takes about ten minutes to walk to the top of the hill, but the views from the 1,951 foot overlook are incredible.

The cross is covered in lights - it must look quite nice atop the hill at night!

Yes, I know it's not technically a church... but people can find quiet moments of faith and spirituality anywhere. As a sacred space set amidst the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country, I think that Cross Mountain counts for the purposes of this blog! Some find nature to be the most sacred space in which to commune with God.

the cross at the top of Kreuzberg
the cross at the top of Kreuzberg

Cross Mountain is a Fredericksburg historical site and city park. Besides the hiking trail, there are a few picnic areas, as well as some benches at the top where you can sit, rest, and enjoy the view and breeze.

If you have visited Cross Mountain or attended the Easter service at its peak, leave a comment! I'd love to hear more about it.

the peak of Cross Mountain, Fredericksburg, Texas
the peak of Cross Mountain, Fredericksburg, Texas

Traveler's Tips

Hungry after the walk up Cross Mountain? Fredericksburg is home to some amazing German-Texas cuisine! One of my favorite restaurants is the Old German Bakery & Restaurant.

Visiting Cross Mountain

Cross Mountain is located in a public park and nature preserve (Cross Mountain Park). There is no entry fee. Toilets are available on site. Even though the walk is not strenuous, it can get very hot in Texas in the summer. Carry plenty of water with you. There are benches at the top of the hill, and three picnic areas.

The park is open every day from dawn until dusk.


Cross Mountain Park is located in Fredericksburg, Texas at the intersection of Milman St. and Cross Mountain Drive. 


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