Woods Chapel Baptist Church, Arlington, TX

white wooden church in small town texas

Woods Chapel Baptist Church - on the Pioneer's Trail in Arlington, TX

Before moving to Bangkok and starting my adventures around the world, I grew up in Arlington, Texas. I had passed this small whitewashed chapel hundreds of times in my life without giving it much of a second thought. A few weeks ago, however, I went on a self-guided driving tour of my hometown, the Historic Arlington Pioneer Trail - highly recommended if you are in the DFW area and are interested in the early pioneer history of the region.

woods chapel baptist church arlington tx usa historic landmark

In 1901, Rev. Washington Woods established a small congregation in the area, performing baptisms in the nearby Rush Creek. In 1910, the little chapel was constructed, becoming the center of religious and civic life in one of the small villages that would eventually become a part of Arlington, Texas.

state historical marker texas in front of white church with steeple
woods chapel baptist church arlington tx usa historic landmark

I should have called ahead of my visit. The chapel was closed, and since it was a weekday, there wasn't much activity at the church. I would have liked to have gone inside. Growing up, I always loved driving past Woods Chapel at night when the lights from the sanctuary of the little wooden church would illuminate the stained glass windows from the inside-out.

pioneer trail marker at arlington tx usa historical landmark

Visiting Woods Chapel Baptist Church

Location of Woods Chapel


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