Robbins Chapel, Hillcrest Hospital, Waco, Texas

So, I'm an uncle now! When my brother and I went to Hillchrist Baptist Medical Center in Waco, TX to visit our sister, brother-in-law, and their tiny new baby, we stopped in at the Robbins Chapel, located in the hospital's maternity ward.

Robbins Chapel, Hillcrest Hospital, Waco, TX
The chapel, located just off of the lobby in the hospital's maternity ward, is a small room offering a quiet and reverential environment. Although technically a Baptist hospital affiliated with the Baylor, Scott, & White system, Robbins Chapel, though distinctly Protestant, is more of a non-denominational chapel.

a wall of crosses
a wall of crosses
There is no podium. Instead, the chapel has a wall full of crosses, and is a quiet, peaceful place for people to sit in prayer or contemplation. A bookshelf contains Bibles for visitors to read in the chapel or take home if they need one. It's not grand, but it is peaceful

The most interesting and beautiful part of the chapel is the colorful stained glass window depicting Jesus and the verse Matthew 19:14. It's pretty fitting for a maternity ward, don't you think?

stained glass window depicting Jesus and children
stained glass window

Visiting the Chapel